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Sending and receiving mail

How to send mail to or from the University and receive mail if you're a student or member of staff.

Sending mail to student accommodation

You can send letters and parcels to students living in accommodation on campus or in the city centre.

Find out about sending mail to student accommodation, including the correct way to address your mail.

Receiving mail in student accommodation

If you're a student living in University accommodation, you can collect your mail from passcode-protected mailboxes on campus or in the city.

Read more about receiving mail in student accommodation.

Sending and receiving staff mail

If you're a member of staff, you can send and receive internal and external mail through your department or building reception.

Find out more about sending and receiving staff mail.

Reporting suspicious mail

If you are concerned about a piece of mail you've received, don't try to examine it or open it.

If you think the piece of mail is suspicious, contact the mail room on 01225 385748 or email We will examine the item and contact Security Services if necessary.

Read the government's advice about recognising dangerous mail.

Where to send mail on campus

Sending mail

On campus, you can send mail from the:

You can also post letters using the Royal Mail post boxes:

  • left of the entrance to Fresh
  • outside 3 East
  • outside 4 South


For departmental enquiries, email or phone +44 (0)1225 385748

For student enquiries, use the correct contact details depending on the type of accommodation.