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Sending mail and parcels to student accommodation

How to address mail and parcels to University accommodation on campus and in the city.

Send mail and parcels to campus accommodation

To send mail and parcels to a student in campus accommodation, you must include their name, accommodation building, room number and postcode.

Format the address as:

(Full name)
(Building and room, for example, 'Eastwood 4.1')
University of Bath
Claverton Down

Send mail and parcels to city accommodation

Sending letters

You can send large letters directly to University accommodation in the city.

Letters must not be larger than:

  • 25mm in depth
  • 353mm in length
  • 250mm in width

This is about the size of a large envelope or magazine.

Sending parcels

All city parcels will are received and collected by resident students from the City Accommodation Centre in Green Park House.

You must address deliveries as:

(Full name) Green Park House
(Building and room number, for example, Carpenter House CH2.1.2)
6 Green Park Road


If you have any questions, please contact us.