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Top 5 private accommodation search tips

Following these 5 tips will help give you and your housemates reassurance that the private accommodation you arrange is suitable and safe.

1. Use the University of Bath accommodation search site Studentpad

We ensure that every property listed on Studentpad has the appropriate safety certificates and licensing, and it’s exclusively for University of Bath students. This makes it a great place to start your search. The message board is also useful for those looking for housemates or a group to join.

2. Check the property’s EPC rating

Every rented property must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This should be provided to you but can also be checked on the Government website.

The higher the grade the better and the more you will save on energy bills. The average grade on Studentpad is D. There are other tips to help with the rising costs of living.

Our Bills and Utilities in private accommodation webpage has instructions on arranging utilities and avoiding unwanted costs.

3. Check whether the landlord is accredited

Accreditation for a landlord/agency/provider is not mandatory, but it shows that they have committed to a code of practice and to continual professional development.

We encourage landlords registered with us to achieve NRLA Accreditation. Look for the NRLA logo when using Studentpad.

Other examples of accreditation include:

For more information on different types of accommodation, see our Finding private sector accommodation page.

4. Use the review site Marks Out of Tenancy

Marks Out of Tenancy gives the opportunity for tenants to review a landlord/area/property. You may find that the property/landlord you’re looking at has a review. Be sure to leave one yourselves at the end of your tenancy to help future students.

5. Create a Shared Living Agreement

Living in a house with your peers is a great part of University life – but it doesn’t come without some challenges. Use the Shared Living Agreement for Private Accommodation to avoid potential disputes and make the most of living with each other.

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