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Submitting an additional-hours claim form

If you're in grades 1 to 5, you can claim extra pay if you've worked longer than your contracted hours. Find out how to claim and what to put on the form.

Guidance for employees

Additional Hours claim forms are completed by University employees who work additional hours over those they are contracted for.

Employee should:

  • Complete the claim form for the hours worked in their position.
  • Not build up claims over several months or semesters but should claim on a regular basis
  • Claims older than 6 months may not be paid
  • Should complete the form legibly and in coloured pen

Claims forms

The form must include:

  • Full name
  • Payroll Number
  • Department
  • Month in which work was undertaken
  • Position in which hours were worked
  • Tick the box appropriate to their grade
  • The date (s) the work was undertaken
  • The day(s)
  • The start and end time of the period of work
  • Your signature and the date of completion

Ensure that:

  • After each period of 5 hours of continuous work an unpaid break of at least 20 minutes must be included (in accordance with Working Time Regulations)
  • The net hours to be paid after deduction of any unpaid break hours worked are recorded only
  • You should total all the relevant boxes.
  • The completed timesheet should be passed to the appropriate member of the department to authorise it. This might not be the immediate manager for the worker and is typically a Departmental Administrator.

Department responsibilities

Departments should:

  • Authorise the timesheet as evidence that the work has been undertaken on the dates and hour
  • Indicate the correct rate of pay for the hours work in accordance with Pay Modernisation
  • Ensure that the person authorising the timesheet is authorised to do so in accordance with authorised signatory list provided to the payroll office
  • Forward the authorised timesheet to the Payroll Office by the appropriate deadline

Payroll office responsibilities

The Payroll Office will:

  • Pay all correctly completed claim forms received by the appropriate deadline
  • Seek authorisation from HR for all employees on grades 6-9, this might involve the employee or Department being contacted where this has not been done by the Department
  • In the event of errors with the claims, we will contact the Department Administrator by phone or email to inform them of what needs to be corrected. If we do not receive a response the claim will be returned after three days.
  • Spot check paid timesheets and contact the authorising signature if timesheets are not completed as above.