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Take notice

Live in the moment & take notice of the things around you. Understand yourself through your experiences, respond well to situations, be calmer & perform better.

What does take notice mean?

Taking notice is about being aware of the present and what is going on both inside and outside ourselves. This can help us become more aware and deal better with situations. It can help to manage stress better, improve general and physical health.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being aware of the present and what is going on both inside and outside ourselves. Mindfulness can help to manage stress better and improve general and physical health. Mind explains what mindfulness is, how it can help and how you can start to practice it.

You can practice mindfulness anywhere and can find sessions online or through apps to guide you, Frantic World have some free meditations for mindfulness you can use at home.

Our Therapeutic and Mental Health team often run mindfulness courses. Keep an eye on Workshops and Courses for future dates.

Small ways to take notice

There are plenty of small activities you can do to help you take notice. You could go on a mindful walk and pay particular attention to what you can see, hear and feel. Our boundary walk around campus is great for this and to connect you with nature. Listen to music in an active way and think about how it makes you feel, often we just have music on the background. Listen to a mindfulness podcast or take breaks from social media to be more present. You could even just use your senses to notice how you feel during activities you already love, how is your body feeling during exercise or cook a new recipe and really appreciate the taste and smell. Hobbies such as knitting, journaling and colouring are also particularly mindful.

Read Well

Read Well is run jointly by Student Services and the Library and offers books and online resources to support your wellbeing. There are over 50 texts in the collection on a wide range of subjects including mindfulness.

All the books are available from the Library through a dedicated Read Well Library list..

Try an app

Apps to support wellbeing are becoming increasing popular and can support all aspects of health from diet and activity trackers to apps to guide you through mindfulness exercises. You can try our Be Well app for mindfulness activities. Mind has a comprehensive list of apps that can support your mental health and wellbeing many of which are good for taking notice such as Calm and Headspace.

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