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Teaching Development Fund (TDF)

Find out how to apply for funding to support your innovative ideas to enhance learning and teaching, and attend external events to share best practice.

Supporting innovation

The University offers funding to staff who have innovative ideas to enhance learning and teaching.

Find out about previous projects that have received support to develop initiatives to support learning and teaching and enhance the student experience. These may provide ideas to develop your own teaching.

The following funding is available to staff to develop projects to enhance learning and teaching, to share best practice, and to attend conferences and events that support best practice in teaching.

TDF Travel Fund

The TDF Travel Fund aims to enable members of staff who teach or support student learning to attend events that support best practice in learning and teaching.

Funding can be used to attend and contribute to a national or international network, meeting, event or conference with a view to at least one of the following aims:

  • disseminate best practice;
  • establish inter-institutional and discipline-specific collaborations;
  • benchmark the University's practice nationally or internationally.

We are currently accepting applications for funding from the TDF Travel Fund.

Please note that in 2020/21, funding can be used towards registration fees only. Funding will not be available for travel or associated expenses.

Funding will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, but priority for funding will be given to TDF project fund-holders who are in a position to present the outcomes of their funded project.

Find out how to apply for funding to attend a conference or event.

TDF awards for learning and teaching initiatives

Staff can apply for TDF funding to develop, enhance and share teaching and learning practices to support the University's aim to deliver the highest quality student learning experience.

This academic year (2020/21), applications for funds should be in direct support of teaching and align with the key principles of Curriculum Transformation within the context of our institutional approach to blended learning and teaching - the Bath Blend. Applications that focus on directly supporting good practice in approaches to assessment and feedback across the University will be welcomed, together with those that contribute to the Bath Blend more generally.

If you have an idea for a project to enhance learning and teaching, please read the TDF criteria, terms and conditions to find out if you could apply for funding.

Find out how you can apply for TDF funding for 2020/21.


If you have any questions, please contact us.