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Funding Opportunities

Information on internal and external funding opportunities that will offer professional development in learning & teaching.

There are a number of internal funding opportunities and external organisations that offer funding for professional development opportunities in learning & teaching.

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Internal Funding Opportunities

Teaching Development Fund (TDF) Find out how to apply for funding to support your innovative ideas to enhance learning and teaching, and attend external events to share best practice. Supported by the CLT, there are opportunities to apply for Share, Seed or Shape Funding. For information visit the TDF Page

Student Change Fund For projects in collaboration with students and or led by students, may be eligible for this fund. More details here This fund would offer some support for students in other departments to adapt this model to their own disciplines. A range of other student-led projects are also being funded so please do explore with your students if this is of interest.

The Access and Participation Project (APP) fund APP Seed Fund, Typically funds small one-off projects to help with new ideas which would support the success of APP target students. Funded projects are typically between £2000 and £5000. Please contact Jenny Boyle for application details.

The Student Experience Fund If you have a good idea for enhancing an aspect of student experience across the university (not just within your department), and it supports the strategy of the university, then please contact Ben Goose for application details. The panel considers applications that pilot new activities, interventions, or improvements which potentially have a longer-term impact, and may then be eligible for ongoing funding from the SU or University.

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Scheme If your idea involves working collaboratively with and possibly travelling to another European University, it may be eligible for an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Grant. More details here

Alumni Fund grant application The range of projects which have been supported by the Fund is very wide. Applications must come from current staff and students at the University of Bath. Applications are now open. For Full Criteria find out more here

Students Grants Find out how students can apply for CLT Student Grants to engage in research, and encourage and support creativity and innovation.

Net Zero Carbon Campus Fund Up to £5,000 will be awarded this academic year thanks to the Alumni Fund and all types of projects will be considered, including equipment, research, influencing behaviour, communications campaigns and delivering infrastructure; as long as the project contributes to reducing the carbon emissions of the University. For Full information find out more here

External Funding Opportunities

Virtual Student Exchanges If you would like to set up a student virtual exchange with another University in the USA, you may be eligible for a Fulbright grant. The University also supports Virtual Exchanges with other Universities worldwide so if you want to explore explore setting one of these up, please contact Emily Richards (HSS) or Tracey Stenson Jukes (IRO) to discuss.

Help shape the future of Learning and assessment Get up to £100,000 of funding to bring your assessment design ideas to life. NCFE

Research and evaluation small Grants These SEDA small grants are to support research and evaluation in staff and educational development with the goal of continued improvement in the quality and understanding of educational development practices. SEDA

Collaborative development Fund Member benefit year, funding will be available to Advance HE members in the form of our Collaborative Development Fund, comprising five projects under the themes of equality, diversity and inclusion, student success, the Professional Standards Framework (PSF), College Based Higher Education and inclusive institutional cultures. Advance HE

Collaborative enhancement projects Collaborative Enhancement Projects offer funding for small groups of institutions to work together on projects to enhance the quality of the participating institutions’ student learning experience. Funded projects will also lead to the development of outputs that benefit the wider QAA membership and higher education sector.QAA

Academy of Marketing Teaching, Research and Small Grants The aim of this activity is to support and encourage pedagogic research into evidence-based practices of innovative and effective learning, teaching and assessment methods related to marketing. Academy of Marketing

Small Grants - the society of educational studies Society for Educational Studies funds a Small grant Scheme. Details of the funded projects are available SOC

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education - Research Funding ALDinHE’s funding call opens in June of each year for 4 weeks. We have £5,000 available in funding, with a maximum of £1,000 per project, and this opportunity is open to anyone who works at a member institution. Each year ALDinHE allocates funding for innovative research projects that focus on specific aspects of Learning Development. (ALDinHE)[]

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