University of Bath

Understanding mitigating circumstances for undergraduate applicants

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, find out more about what we consider as mitigating circumstances and how to tell us about your circumstances.

About mitigating circumstances for undergraduate applicants

If your studies or exams have been significantly disrupted by circumstances beyond your control, you should complete and return the mitigating circumstances form. This is to make sure we take everything into consideration when we assess your UCAS application.

We will thoroughly assess your mitigating circumstances form and treat it, and any additional documents you provide, in the strictest confidence.

If you submit a mitigating circumstances form, it does not guarantee that we will make you an offer or confirm your place at the University. We will not make a lower offer based on the information you provide on the form.

When we consider mitigating circumstances for applicants

We consider mitigating circumstances when we are deciding whether or not to make you an offer.

If you do not meet your offer, we may also consider mitigating circumstances when deciding whether or not to confirm your place on the course.

Examples of mitigating circumstances

In order for us to consider mitigating circumstances you will need to show how the circumstances have affected your studies. Typical examples include:

  • bereavement
  • serious, acute or chronic illness
  • serious illness of a close family member or partner
  • significant caring responsibilities
  • significant adverse personal circumstances
  • significant disruption to the provision of education at school or college

If you have a disability or long-term health condition, we will typically only consider this a mitigating circumstance if:

  • there were no appropriate adjustments made for studies or exam performance
  • you had an acute episode of illness which had a particular impact on a period of study or your exam performance

You should contact our Disability Service for information about the support available for current students at Bath.

When to submit your form

2019/20 entry

You can submit the form after making your UCAS application and before 31 July 2019. If you submit the form after this date, or after your final examination results have been released, we may not take your circumstances into account.

Please submit the form as soon as you know about any circumstances that may affect your exam performance.

If you have already applied

If you have already applied to the University in a previous year and provided mitigating circumstance documentation, please make sure that this is updated with your new application.