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Understanding your role at the University

This guide provides information on how understanding your role can support your wellbeing at work.

How your job can impact your wellbeing

For us to be effective in our job role it is important to have clarity about our objectives, accountabilities, expectations and responsibilities.

There are a wide range of work situations that can create role confusion. This can include beginning a new job, being promoted, joining a new organisation, transferring to a new department or team, or getting a new supervisor or manager. It might be due to the absence of a team member or taking on additional duties following a change in the structure of a work unit.

Research by the Health and Safety Executive has shown that where people lack clarity around their role, they are more likely to experience work-related stress and poor wellbeing.

Helpful resources

The following resources can help you to assess your job role.

To further explore your role and objectives, this two part activity explores the bigger picture and guides you through a range of questions to identify actions to support you.

Completing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) can help you to become aware of the skills you have and evaluate the knowledge and skills you need for your role. It can help you to work out what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. Download your PDP template.


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