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Useful information for casual summer staff

Some helpful information if you are joining Campus Services as an hourly paid worker this summer.

How to apply

To apply for our hourly paid roles you can:

We do receive a large volume of applications for roles, so it may take us a short while to respond to you. If you have not heard from us after four weeks, email stating the role you applied for and date of your application. We will then look into this further for you.

Right to work checks

If you are offered a role, you may need to demonstrate that you are eligible to work in the UK.

The Home Office provides guidance on what evidence to provide if you are offered a role.

Living here whilst working over the summer

If you are a University of Bath student working for us over the summer and need somewhere to stay, you can live in our campus accommodation.

Our accommodation is available between 18 June to16 September. If you are a current student, you can receive a 10% discount on the rent, subject to availability.

Email to find out more details.

After you accept the role

Student visas

If you are on a student visa, your manager must book your working hours using the Tier 4 app. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not breach the maximum hours on your visa terms, in any roles you work in and outside of the University.

Your contract

We will email your contract to the address you provided in your application if you are offered an hourly paid role. If you can’t see it, check your junk/ spam folder. You can also access it here, using the same email and password you registered with when applying for the role.

If the job title on your contract differs slightly to the job name on the advert, don’t worry. Our recruitment software has a limited selection of casual job titles, but the role you will be doing is as noted on the job advert.

If you need to add your national insurance number after you have competed your contract paperwork, you can email it to


Pay rates on hourly paid worker contracts can slightly differ to the advertised rate. This is because the rate on the contract is the rate without holiday pay.

As hourly paid workers are entitled to paid holiday, additional pay is applied to each hour. The rate paid, as shown on payslips, is inclusive of holiday pay for hourly paid, casual workers.

We pay a month in arrears around the 25th of each month. For example, if you are paid on 25 June, this will be for shifts worked between 2 May and 3 June.

Make sure you submit timesheets weekly via iTrent and meet the department's payroll deadlines at the beginning of each month.

How shifts and rotas work

Hourly paid workers can start shifts after their contract is signed and after they are set up on iTrent, the system used for timesheets.

Generally our hourly paid staff rotas are made at least two weeks ahead. Managers will allocate shifts, considering the business’ needs and your availability.

In the Retail, ResLife and Hospitality teams, this is done using the Rota Cloud software. In Reslife Operations (which covers the accommodation cleaning roles) a similar process is done using Shifts in Microsoft Teams.

You will be provided with further information on how to access shifts if you accept a role.

If you are under 18

We accept applications from candidates aged 16 years old and above. If you are 16 or 17, you must:

  • have two consecutive days off work each week
  • not work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
  • take a break after 4.5 hours of working
  • not work on your own

Training and uniform

All hourly paid roles include an induction and some training.

In Retail and Hospitality you must complete Food Safety Essentials (FSE) training before you can start work. This is held on Mondays at 9.30am to 12 noon (excluding bank holidays) and some Wednesday afternoons in May and June.

You can attend the training early, for example if you are available on campus on a Monday a couple of weeks before you start. However, as training is paid, you will need to have a signed contract with a start date prior to the training date.


For Reception roles, we provide you with a polo shirt. We do not provide uniform for Hospitality, Retail and Operations roles, but ask you to wear black clothing (full details will be provided prior your first shift).

Car parking on campus

Car parking is available on campus but you need to apply for an occasional user permit.

Once you collect this from the Library, place it in your car. You’ll also have to pay a daily rate of £1.30 using the JustParkapp.

Finishing your contract

A P45 helps you avoid being temporarily placed on a higher emergency tax code in any future jobs when you finish working at the University.

It can take over a month for the University to process your P45.

To prevent delay, ask your line manager to end your contract on our systems after you have submitted the timesheet for your last shift.

Once you have been marked as leaving, at the end of the following month your P45 will be sent to the address on your iTrent records.

If you have any other casual contracts at the University, they also need to be ended to generate your P45.

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