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Using the Workplace Wellbeing Wheel to manage your relationships

The Workplace Wellbeing Wheel is a tool that outlines areas that are associated with health and wellbeing at work. Today we are focusing on relationships.

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Workplace Wellbeing Wheel - Managing relationships

Workplace Wellbeing Wheel - Managing relationships

Healthy relationships are a vital component of overall health. We humans are social animals and as such, we have an innate need to be involved with other people. Extensive evidence shows that having good-quality relationships can help us to live longer and happier lives with fewer mental health problems. Having close, positive relationships can give us a purpose and sense of belonging.

Strong family ties, friendships, meaningful connections and involvement in social activities can increase our sense of security and self-esteem and provide a psychological buffer against stress, anxiety and depression.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our lives, so we need to adapt to new ways to manage and nurture our relationships, as they are massively important for getting us through this difficult time.

The Government’s advice on staying at home and social distancing is bringing many challenges that impact our contact with relatives and friends and access to our usual support systems. Despite social distancing which we all must observe, it’s important to build a routine for keeping in touch with others as this will help you maintain your mental wellbeing.

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