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Virtual language exchange with PSUT in Jordan

Find out more about the virtual language exchange between the University of Bath and the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) in Amman.

A successful virtual exchange programme between the University of Bath and the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) in Amman, Jordan, has been running since 2019.

About virtual language exchanges

Virtual Exchange is a short project that brings students from different parts of the world and different cultural backgrounds together online.

The exchange is an enriching activity for both exchange partners and will allow you to develop greater intercultural understanding and other important employability skills.

Previous participants say that the exchange has helped them to:

  • better understand cultures from different parts of the world
  • break down barriers between different cultures
  • feel more confident about interacting with people outside their own culture
  • increase their understanding of their own skills and how to articulate them.

"It was an enriching experience both culturally and personally. I could benefit from having my questions about the Arab culture answered and could practise and hear the correct pronunciation of words and phrases."

How the virtual exchange works

The exchange is open to all students, not just those already learning Arabic with the Skills Centre. No previous knowledge of Arabic is required.

The exchange programme runs for 6 weeks. Once a week, you will communicate online with a student at PSUT and spend 30 minutes discussing interesting cultural and social issues such as hospitality, generosity, food, the role of women and marriage.

The conversations will be conducted in English, but you will be able to practise Arabic as well if you wish. This will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand about Arabic life, practise your language skills with a native speaker and, hopefully, find a new friend.

Khalil Estaytieh, Arabic Teaching Fellow in the Skills Centre, will guide you through the exchange process, but you will meet your partner on your own each week.

Students have to complete and submit a reflection form each week.

Upon completion of the programme, a certificate of participation will be awarded by the University of Bath and PSUT.


Any questions? Please contact Khalil Estaytieh.

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