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Where to find images for the website

Where to source an image to use on the University website and how to properly credit the photographer.

Where to find an image

You can source images from many places. The main options are:

  • in-house photographer
  • Fotoweb image library
  • stock photography website

Always check whether you have the copyright to use an image before using it on the website.

Never use images you find from an online search, like Google Image Search. These images could be licensed and it could be illegal to use them.

University images

You can commission the University Photographer to take new photos. Email to find out more.

Before starting a photo shoot, get permission from the people in the photos using the model release form.

Using our image library

The University's Fotoweb image library contains thousands of images of various University subjects.

You may not be able to use some images as they have licenses for specific use, so check before you use them.

Even if an image has previously been cleared for use on the University website there may still be restrictions which prevent its reuse in certain circumstances.

If you are unsure of the licensing for an image in Fotoweb contact

Stock images

Stock imagery can provide a quick and effective solution for sourcing images. However, a lot of stock imagery is not up to the standard we use on the website.

Avoid obvious and clichéd images. We want engaging imagery that captures attention and interest.

Avoid illustrations, cartoons and clip art. This type of imagery looks cheap and unprofessional.

Examples of bad stock photos. One showing graduates throwing their mortar boards in the air and the other a clip art graphic of a mortar board on a stack of books

Always download the largest available version of a stock image. This will give you the most flexibility if you need to crop or resize your image to fit required dimensions.

Before you use an image, always check its terms of use.

Free stock image sites

Creative Commons images

Some images have a Creative Commons licence, which allow you to use them for free if you meet certain conditions.

These can include:

  • crediting the photographer
  • not using the image for commercial purposes
  • not modifying the original image

Always read the licence before you use a Creative Commons image and make sure you follow the terms.

You can find Creative Commons images on:

Contact us

If you have any questions about finding images to use on the website, get in touch.

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