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Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

You'll need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number from the University before you can apply for your Student visa.

How to get your CAS

A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number is a unique personal number that confirms that the University is prepared to sponsor you.

If we do not think that you will be able to make a successful visa application, or do not meet the University's requirements, it is within our rights to not issue you with a CAS. Please see the CAS issuing procedure for new applicants and the CAS issuing procedure for current students for more information.

New applicants

After meeting the conditions of your offer and accepting your place, you will receive an email informing you to complete the pre-CAS check questionnaire in Application Tracker. This will be no earlier than six months before your course start date if you are applying from overseas, or three months before your course start date if you are applying in the UK. You do not need to contact us to start the process. You will be required to:

  • log into Application Tracker and reply in full to the questions asked
  • provide details of your immigration history
  • detail any previous study in the UK
  • provide a scan of your passport

If you need an ATAS certificate, you will have already been contacted about this. We will not issue your CAS statement until we have a copy of your ATAS certificate.

For new applicants who are due to start in September 2024, we will begin processing CAS requests from the week commencing 29 April 2024.

Existing students

Existing students must request a CAS number from us in order to apply for your Student visa.

Request a CAS using SAMIS

As an existing student you should request a CAS using SAMIS (the University's central database of student records).

  1. Log into SAMIS
  2. Click on 'Student Immigration Service' tab at the top of the page
  3. Select 'Request a CAS'
  4. Please complete all relevant questions and submit the request

After you have submitted the CAS request you will receive a confirmation email that your CAS request has been submitted. We will then review your responses and let you know if there are any problems with your CAS request. Assuming there are no problems, we will issue the CAS and a CAS summary will be emailed directly to your University email account. You can use this summary to help you fill in your visa application form located on the government website.

All current students using the Student visa Extension Service should request a CAS at least two weeks before your Student visa extension appointment. You will be given your CAS number during this appointment. If any information is incorrect, email immediately so that we can make any necessary changes before your appointment.

How long will it take for my CAS to be issued?

It typically takes up to 5 working days to issue your CAS once we have received all required information from you (either your pre-CAS check if you are a new applicant, or your CAS request if you are an existing student). Please note that at peak times the CAS processing team are very busy and there may be delays.

So that we can issue your CAS as quickly as possible, please ensure that:

  • you read any requests for information carefully and respond in full
  • you provide any documents requested


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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