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Student visa extension service

If you're a student on a full-time or pre-sessional course, you can apply to extend your visa through our Student visa extension service.

How to book your appointment

We currently offer an online Student visa extension service to help you to apply to extend your Student visa from inside the UK.

This service is designed to help minimise the risk of your visa extension being refused. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete, correct and meets UKVI requirements.

Before you can book a Student visa extension appointment, you will need to have a new CAS issued. You can request a CAS to you through SAMIS on the web. You will also need to have completed online consent form.

You will not be able to book an appointment until both your CAS has been issued and you have filled in the consent form.

Once you have the CAS issued, and have completed the online consent form, you can book your appointment through UniHub. Please follow our instructions to book your appointment.

Before your Student visa extension appointment

Enrol your biometrics and save your online application

Enrol your biometrics using the UK Immigration: ID Check app when you complete the online application form on the government website and save it without submitting or paying a fee.

If you cannot use the app to enrol your biometrics, you will need to book and attend a biometric appointment (with your passport) in a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS). This will need take place after your Student visa extension appointment.

For help with completing your application, please download our application instruction form. You must fill in the application form before attending your appointment. If you are unsure of any questions, please fill in the answers to the best of your ability.

Although you must complete your application before your Student visa extension appointment, please do not submit it and pay for it at this stage - an adviser will check the application form and submit it with you during the appointment.

Documents for your Student visa application

Before attending your Student visa extension appointment, please check which documents you need for your visa application and make sure you have a copy of these saved on your computer in individual files. You will need to access these during the appointment to upload your documents to the Student visa online application form. You can prepare these documents before you receive your CAS. We may request that you provide these documents by email before your Student visa extension appointment.

If you are not sure which documents you need to prepare, or have any questions, please book an advice appointment to speak to an adviser before your Student visa extension appointment.

Your online Student visa extension appointment

A Student Immigration Adviser will video call you using Microsoft Teams at the start of your appointment. Please make sure you log into Microsoft Teams in time for the start of your appointment. During your appointment a Student Immigration Adviser will check your completed application form before you submit it to UKVI.

Make sure you complete (but do not submit) the online visa application form before your appointment. We will check your documents for you and (assuming the details of your application are correct and meet requirements) we will submit the online application with you and upload your supporting documents.

Please also make sure you have a bank card with you to pay for the application form and Immigration Health Surcharge.

After your Student visa extension appointment

Biometric appointments (if you did not use the UK Immigration: ID Check app)

If you did not use the UK Immigration: ID Check app to enrol your biometrics, you are required to attend a biometric appointment at a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) Service Point instead.

Free and chargeable UKVCAS appointments are available 7 days a week in the centre of Bath. Appointments take place in Northgate House, Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RG. Access the Bath Service Point opening hours online. Remember to bring your passport with you.

New appointments are released each day 28 days in advance. Currently, free appointments are released into the booking system at 9am, 28 days in advance. Free appointments do get booked up very quickly so you may need to book a few weeks ahead to find the right appointment for you.

You will need to complete and pay for your visa application before you can access the UKVCAS website registration and upload any necessary documents. You will then be contacted by UKVCAS to book your appointment online. The booking system lists Core sites, then Premium Lounge sites and Enhanced Service Points in distance order. Feel free to consult the UKVCAS FAQ guide if you have any questions.

Receiving your visa

You will be granted an eVisa if you applied using the ID Check app:

  • if you are a visa national and you used the ID Check app, you will also receive a BRP
  • if you are a non-visa national and you used the ID Check app, you will only receive digital status (eVisa)

If you have not been able to use the ID Check app (regardless of your nationality), you will receive a BRP card and will not receive an eVisa. The BRP card will be sent to us within eight weeks if you use the Standard Service. We will email you once we have received it and you will be able to collect it from the Student Immigration Service during office hours.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

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