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Student Immigration appointments and drop-in sessions

Find out how to book appointments and attend drop-in sessions for visa advice with our Student Immigration Service.

Student at drop-in appointment
Student at drop-in appointment

How the Student Immigration Service can help you

We offer advice on:


Tier 4 / Student visas

Start-up and Skilled Worker visas

We offer an advice and checking service for Start-up visa and Skilled Worker visa applications. Please note that we do not send applications on your behalf. We also provide Skilled Worker visa letters.

Standard Visitor visas

We offer general advice sessions for Standard Visitor visas. We also provide Standard Visitor visa letters.

EEA and Swiss students

Understand how your status might be affected after the UK's exit from the EU, whether you are an EU student in the UK or a UK student in the EU. We offer advice and support for EU students who want to submit a EU Settlement application for either pre-settled or settled status.

Invalid visas, refusals, administrative reviews and appeals

We offer general advice sessions and our Student visa Extension Service for straightforward cases. For more complex cases, we can provide information for your personal circumstances, and provide a referral to a solicitor if required.

Other immigration categories

We provide basic immigration advice if you do not fall into one of the categories already detailed on this page.

Non-UK visas

We offer basic information for non-UK visas. Please note that we are not trained immigration advisers for non-UK visas, and recommend that you contact your country's embassy in the UK to assist you where necessary.

Appointments and advice sessions

Getting immigration advice and support

We have a range of options for students during the 2021/22 academic year. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to run any drop-in sessions for the foreseeable future. Therefore, any appointment will need to be booked in advance.

All appointments (except for BRP collection) are currently offered online by default. If you would like to speak to an adviser face to face, please email us to request this and we can arrange a time with you.

Student visa extension appointment

These are one hour appointment slots for students to submit a Student visa extension with the help of the Student Immigration Service. Please go to our Student visa extension service web page for more information.

EU Settlement Scheme appointment

If you have any questions about your EU Settlement Scheme application, please book an Advice appointment (either online or in person). An adviser can talk through the requirements with you and discuss any issues you may have. If a longer appointment is needed, the adviser will arrange a time with you and book this for you during the Advice appointment.

Advice appointment

Please note: these are short advice sessions and we cannot submit a Student visa application during one of these appointments. If you need an appointment to extend your Student visa please book a Student visa extension appointment.

Appointment slots last 15 minutes. A Student Immigration Adviser will video call you using Microsoft Teams at the start of your appointment slot. Please make sure you log into Microsoft Teams in good time for the start of your appointment.

If you miss the call, we will try to call you back in the first five minutes of your slot. If you are not able to answer the call during the first five minutes, you will need to book another appointment.

Online appointments are only bookable the day before the appointment takes place. Please be aware, the appointments are only 15 minutes in length and the adviser will need to finish the call on time as there will be other students waiting. If more time is needed to address your query, the adviser will ask you to email your questions and may arrange another appointment if necessary.

Appointments are available during the following times:

Day Time
Monday 10:15 to 12:15
Tuesday 10:15 to 12:15
Wednesday 13:15 to 15:15
Thursday 10:15 to 12:15
Friday 10:15 to 12:15

Book your appointment

All appointments with the Student Immigration Service can be booked through UniHub. Please make sure you book the right appointment type and also double check whether your appointment will be in person or online using Microsoft Teams. Please read our instructions on how to book an appointment if you are having difficulty booking your appointment through UniHub.

General enquiries

For general enquiries relating to visas and immigration, the Student Immigration Service is available on 01225 384605 Mondays to Fridays (10:00-16:00).

Please note, no visa advice will be given over the phone.

If you have an urgent query, and are unable to secure an online or in person appointment, please email


If you have any questions, please contact us.