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Your timetable - guidance and help

How to access your student timetable, what you can expect to see on it and what to do if you think something isn't right.

Your timetable and how to access it

The Semester 2 timetable is available to access via MyTimetable.

You should check MyTimetable regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes, for example any additional detail that might be added to timetable entries.

For Semester 2 all students taking Mathematical Sciences units will now find their Live Online Interactive Learning (LOIL) sessions on MyTimetable.

What you can expect to see on your timetable

Your timetable

When you log on you should be able to see your individual timetable straight away.

In some cases individual timetables might not be available until nearer the beginning of Semester 2.

If you find you can't see your individual timetable when you first log on, you can still access the timetable for your programme of study on MyTimetable (See also the section What to do if you can't see anything on your timetable).

What you'll be able to see on your timetable

The following components of the Bath Blend teaching model will be shown on your timetable:

  • In-person teaching (IPT) and
  • Live Online Interactive Learning (LOIL) sessions.

Your timetable won't show allocated time for Independent Learning.

Bath Blend

You can get more information about Bath Blend on our web pages, through the videos we've put together and get familiar with the terminology we're using through our terminology guide.

In-person teaching (IPT) for Semester 2

In-Person Teaching (IPT) during the national lockdown.

The University is operating under official Government guidance which means that we can currently only offer IPT on campus for a very few specific courses. Your Department will be in touch with you about replacements for IPT sessions and you should ensure you keep checking your timetable carefully throughout Semester 2.

Please see our latest update on how the University will be operating under the 2021 lockdown.

Once the national lockdown has ended, it's intended that IPT will resume on campus in accordance with Government guidance for University teaching.

How IPT will be shown on your timetable

IPT sessions will be coded like units on your timetable and will appear alongside the existing units for your programme. You should see them on your timetable with one of the following labels:

  • “IPT”
  • "In-Person session"
  • "Campus teaching"
  • “In-Person day”

You’ll receive more information about these sessions from your Department. You might also see updates to the IPT entries on your timetable, such as room details, particularly where you initially see "details to follow" on the IPT entry.

How you'll be able to identify Live Online Interactive Learning

Anything that isn't identified on your timetable as an IPT session will be a Live Online Interactive Learning (LOIL) session.

Most LOIL sessions are one hour long and will be timetabled between 8.15am BST and 7.05pm BST, our normal University teaching hours. You can access links to these sessions through the relevant Moodle unit page, which may also give you more information on what to expect from your online learning for that unit.

In most cases, you'll be able to see LOIL sessions on the timetable as a unit code followed by the session number for that week (e.g. "MN20050-Session 1").

If a session has been split into groups you'll see this noted in the name or it might show a group number ( -/01, -/02 etc.) at the end (e.g. "MN20081-Session 3 (group)/01"). If you have an individual timetable the entry will tell you which group you have been allocated to. If you don't yet have an individual timetable you should wait to be advised about the group you'll be in. If you haven't heard anything by the first week of teaching contact the Unit Convenor to find out which group you should be in.

You can contact your Administrative Department Timetabling Liaison (DTL) if you're not sure who to speak to.

What to do about a clash on your timetable

If you have a clash between a LOIL and IPT session you should discuss this with your Director of Studies and the relevant Unit Convenor as you may be able to attend a different IPT session or access the LOIL through Independent Learning.

If you find you have a clash between two LOIL sessions, you should discuss this with both Unit Convenors. It may be possible for you to access the sessions through Independent Learning.

You can contact your Administrative Department Timetabling Liaison (DTL) if you're not sure who to speak to.

What to do if you can't see anything on your timetable

If an individual student timetable is available for you it should come up immediately once you log into MyTimetable.

If nothing appears then your individual timetable may not be available yet, but you should be able to access it before teaching starts. This may be the case if you are:

  • a first year undergraduate student
  • a postgraduate taught student
  • a student who has recently changed course or course year
  • a student who is subject to academic assessment before progressing
  • a student who was expected to go on placement but is now returning to Bath and requires course and unit changes to be made to your SAMIS record
  • a student who has optional choices outstanding
  • a student who will be taught in a group to which students haven't yet been allocated
  • not yet registered with the University (once you are fully registered you'll need to wait around 2 working days for your timetable to be available)

If you are still having problems viewing your timetable please contact Academic Registry using

If you don't yet have an individual timetable, you'll be able to download your course and unit timetable by following our guide Accessing MyTimetable. You might need to contact your administrative Department Timetable Liaison (DTL) for further information about the groups you've been allocated to.

What to do if you think something is wrong or missing

If you can see units on your individual timetable that you are not expecting to take, your student record might need correcting.

Director of Studies (DoS) approved option

You may have already opted to take a Director of Studies (DoS) approved option, but it may not be showing on your timetable. If that's the case, you should check the following when you choose the unit in MyTimetable:

  • Whether you are free to attend the Live Online Interactive Learning (LOIL) sessions for the unit. If you can't attend all or any of the sessions, contact the Department that runs the unit, as you may be permitted to take these sessions through Independent Learning.
  • If the unit is run by another Department, discuss with that Department whether any material will be covered through In-person teaching (IPT) and whether you'll be able to access that material either remotely or via Independent Learning.

Once you have gone through these steps contact your programme administrator and let them know the unit you wish to study.

Downloading your timetable to your phone

If you want to download your timetable to your phone see our step-by-step guide.

Teaching hours

Teaching takes place between 8.15am and 7.05pm (or between 8.15am and 1.15pm on Wednesday for UG students).

Changes to the timetable

Changes might be made to the timetable at any point throughout the Semester. For example, your Department might add extra events.

Changes are most likely to take place within the first three weeks of the Semester.

What happens if you've told us you'll be studying at a distance

Your Department will either:

  • let you know how to participate with the In-person teaching remotely, or
  • advise you about the alternative arrangements for In-person teaching

What to do if you have a question

If you have a question which hasn't been answered in the guide here, log in to the self-service portal for details of who to contact.