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Curriculum Planner

Where to find key resources and support to use Curriculum Planner, if you're a member of staff at the University.


About Curriculum Planner and the information on this page

Curriculum Planner is an online tool which is being used by the University to facilitate changes to some of its existing courses and modules.

The information on this page is directed at staff who will use Curriculum Planner to administer those changes, and provides information about the resources and support available.

Resources and support

Curriculum Planner Training: A SharePoint site

Extensive manuals, training videos, and supporting documents have been prepared to aid your use of Curriculum Planner. These materials are housed on a specialised 'Curriculum Planner Training' SharePoint site.

You can also use the site to book a place on formal Curriculum Planner training sessions.

Additional support

One-to-one support is also available through the Academic Registry’s SAMIS Support Team, and we would encourage you to make use of this. If you need any additional support, or would like to enquire about training, please contact us via the email address listed under ‘Enquiries’.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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