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Employment terms and conditions for academic staff in grades 7 to 9

Understand the terms and conditions for academic staff (grades 7 to 9).

Terms And Conditions


Salaries are specified in the advertisement for the post. Where applicable, annual increments in a scale are payable on 1 April subject to six months service and satisfactory performance. Salary scales are currently subject to annual review with effect from 1 August each year. Salaries are normally paid monthly on the 25th of each month by credit transfer to a bank or building society account.

Hours of work

No fixed hours of work are specified for academic staff. They will work such hours (as a minimum 36.5 hours per week; pro rata for part-time staff) as are necessary for the proper and efficient performance of their duties. There is no entitlement to overtime.

Academic staff (research and teaching)

Due to the nature of their work, academic staff undertaking research and teaching are considered to be exempt from the provisions of the Working Time Regulations 1998 governing maximum weekly working hours.

Academic (teaching)

Academic staff undertaking teaching only are required to meet the requirements of the Working Time Regulations including the limit of 48 hours per week on average.

Place of work

Your normal place of work is the University premises in Bath. However, you may be required to work on either a temporary or permanent basis at any other University of Bath premises, or at any other location at which the University provides services. Wherever possible we will discuss any change with you, and endeavour to give you reasonable notice of any such change.

Annual leave

For full-time staff there are 26 days of annual leave, plus the (eight) Bank Holidays, and a further five days when the University is closed. Three of these days normally fall in the Christmas period, when the University is closed for normal business. Entitlements for part-time staff are calculated on a proportional basis.

Sick leave

Subject to compliance with the sickness absence policy, an employee absent from duty owing to illness shall be entitled to receive an allowance in accordance with the following scales:

Full pay Half Pay
First 6 months service 2 weeks 2 weeks
6-12 months of service 1 month 1 month
After 12 months of service 6 months 3 months


As a member of staff you will automatically be enrolled on the Universities Superannuation Scheme. Find out about the scheme and how to opt out or join the PensionPlus scheme.


Academic staff (research and teaching):

The first three years of Lecturer appointments are probationary. During probation, progress on research and teaching is reviewed annually by the Academic Staff Committee.

A Lecturer who can provide documentary evidence of either the successful completion of probation of a comparable nature in a comparable institution or of having gained equivalent experience may, at the university's discretion, be granted exemption from the requirement to undertake probationary service. Claims for exemption from probation must be made initially to the Head of Learning & Teaching.

All probationary lecturers are required, as a condition of their probation, to successfully complete the required elements of Pathway to HEA Fellowship for Probationers. Claims for exemption from the requirement to complete this must be made to the Course Director. Until a decision has been made on any claim for exemption, Lecturers on probation are registered on the Bath Course.

Academic staff (Teaching)

Lecturer appointments for teaching only posts are subject to a probationary period of twelve months.

Newly appointed teaching staff who have been confirmed in a similar position in a comparable institution may, on production of documentary evidence of this or equivalent experience, apply for exemption from probation to Academic Staff Committee.

Teaching staff on probation are required, as a condition of that probation to successfully complete − within the probationary period − the required elements of ‘Pathway to HEA Fellowship for Probationers’.

The progress of Teaching staff during probation is monitored by the Academic Staff Committee.

Notice period

Notice may be given at fixed points in the year − three months' notice expiring on the last day of a semester or on 31 August. Notice should be in writing and addressed to the Director of Human Resources.

Health and medical matters

Appointments are offered subject to the University receiving a satisfactory report on your health from the University’s Occupational Health Department. This is normally undertaken on the basis of a review of a confidential medical questionnaire.

Trade union

You have the right to belong to any Trade Union of your choice, but it is not a condition of employment that you must become a member of a Trade Union. UCU is the recognised trade union for academic staff in grades 7 to 9.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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