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Flexible working request appeal procedure

This appeal procedure relates to the flexible working request procedure.


How to appeal

If you wish to appeal a decision made under the flexible working procedure, you should complete the flexible working appeal form and send it to the Director of Human Resources within 14 calendar days of the refusal notification.

Who the appeal will be heard by

The appeal will normally be heard by the Head of Department or Head of Professional Service (or their nominee who should be senior to the manager who made the decision being appealed). This will be within four weeks of receipt of the appeal form, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, and within three months of receiving the original request for flexible working, unless an extension is agreed with the member of staff.

Being accompanied at the appeal

You may be represented or accompanied by a trade union representative or work colleague at the appeal meeting.

Flexible retirement appeals (LGPS)

In the event of the application not being supported by the Head of Department or Head of Professional Services, a right of appeal exists under the Local Government Pension Scheme Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDPR). For the purpose of the IDPR, the person nominated by the University to hear the appeal is the Director of Human Resources. Details can be found on the Avon Pension Fund website.

Flexible retirement appeals (USS)

If an application for flexible retirement is not supported by the Dean or Head of Professional Services, an appeal against a refusal to grant a flexible retirement request will be heard by either the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor advised by the Director of Human Resources or their Deputy.

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