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Internal Peer Review

Supporting researchers to translate ideas into externally funded proposals.


Not all excellent research ideas are able to attract external funding. Exciting and innovative projects based on sound methods can sometimes fall. This is because the case has not been well made, or not well explained to the non-specialists, who are often part of the review process.

The University Research Committee has endorsed a system of internal peer review, to complement our existing systems of mentoring, informal discussion and support.

The aim of the internal peer review system is to support each other in translating ideas into proposals that will convince research funders.

Supporting documents

ESRC Internal Peer Review Process

For applications to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the University of Bath has introduced a system whereby all applications worth over £100,000, or smaller applications where relevant, are subject to the normal internal peer review process as implemented by Departments.

The ESRC has placed an imperative on all Universities to implement a more stringent peer review process for all applications being submitted. This approach to demand management was a direct result of the number of ‘unfundable’ proposals being submitted from across the UK and the implications this had on resources.


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