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Low value equipment asset disposal and transfer guidance

This guidance covers low value equipment such as office furniture and equipment, IT accessories and other equipment deemed low value (under £1000).


Assets owned by the University, irrespective of funding source, remain the property of the University until disposed or sold. Please ensure that before a decision has been made regarding the correct method of disposal, you must first determine if the item is in working order and therefore in saleable or re-usable condition, it may be that the item has only recycle or scrap value.

This guidance covers low value equipment such as Office furniture/equipment, IT Accessories and other equipment deemed low value (under £1000). Laptops and Desktops computers must be returned to the University due to IT security, data risks and software licensing implications. Only in exceptional circumstances will DDaT authorise the transfer of IT equipment outside of the University.

Once established that the item is re-useable or saleable the following guidance should be followed:

  • Re-Use or Redistribution

Assets can be re-used or relocated to other departments or service areas within the University.

  • Sale to a member of staff

Low value equipment/Assets that have come to the end of its useful university life may be sold for a nominal fee or given to a member of staff at no cost.

  • Donated to a 3rd party

Consider Risk

Please take reasonable steps to ensure that items to be disposed of are disposed in such a way that the risk to the University is appropriately mitigated. Risks may include:

  • Health and Safety, where applicable the University’s regulations must always be followed.

  • Breaches of legislation (e.g. Data Protection Act as a result of insufficient data cleansing of IT equipment).

  • Reputational damage (arising from adopting environmentally unfriendly disposal routines). Please consider the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Regulations if disposing electrical items.

Keep accurate records

In order to demonstrate good practice a record of all low value equipment disposal/transfers should be kept.

Records for low value equipment/assets should be kept locally and recorded through a department register.

If an individual is leaving the University it is the responsibility of the line manager and leaver to ensure University property is returned, or this procedure followed to ensure the appropriate transfer/disposal of equipment.


The Head of department must be one of the two signatories on the disposal transfer form. If the beneficiary is a head of department, then the University Head/Deputy Head of Procurement must also sign the form. Please ensure you obtain approval from DDaT for any IT related equipment. Only in exceptional circumstances will DDaT authorise the transfer of IT equipment outside of the University. DDaT will have to securely wipe any IT devices being transferred outside of the University.


The department must create an invoice for the sale of asset in Agresso. The purchaser can then pay by bank transfer in line with the payment instructions on the invoice.

To create an invoice, the department must set up a customer and then create a sales order. The Income Office can guide the department through this process.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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