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University of Bath

Continuous Professional Development for Public Engagement

Key learning from research conducted as part of the UKRI funded ChallengeCPD@Bath (2017-2019) project on the take-up and impact of training in public engagement

The Public Engagement Unit, with funding from UKRI, investigated the take-up and impact of training and professional development opportunities for researchers in public engagement as part of the ChallenegeCPD@Bath (2017-2019)

This report pulls together some of the key learning to emerge from the programme. It draws on the following inputs and was conducted between October 2017 and May 2018:

  • A rapid review of the literature on continuing professional development in higher education.

  • Six interviews with staff in higher education (at other Universities) and learned societies who have responsibility for and expertise in professional development for public engagement.

  • A review of key literature pertaining to formal training in public engagement and science communication. Both terms were investigated given the limited number of studies and the fact that they tend to be used interchangeably.

  • A review of existing professional development provision including separate evaluations of formal training and support from the public engagement team, alongside interviews with the public engagement team.

  • Ongoing discussions with advisory board members, including one meeting and one workshop.