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University of Bath

Guidance and tips for effective hybrid meetings

Tips to achieve a successful hybrid meeting for in-person and remote participants, including guidance for specific equipment.

Hybrid meetings are where there is a combination of people within the same room (in-person) and others who are joining remotely (such as via Microsoft Teams).

Some meeting rooms within the University have devices to assist hybrid meetings, for example a Surface Hub or Logitech Tap. A Surface Hub includes a large touch-screen that has the ability to run Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Edge (amongst other applications), whilst a Logitech Tap brings together audio and video into a single one-tap controller so it's easier to run hybrid meetings.

Review the quick-start and user guides to understand how to use the devices, as well as the top tips guide to help all participants to be included and get the most out of hybrid meetings. Bring them to the attention of anyone who organises or runs hybrid meetings and display the quick-start guides in relevant meeting rooms (if they're not already there).

To download these files, you must be connected to the University of Bath network or log in with your University username and password.