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Centre for Mathematical Biology

We translate living systems into mathematical models in order to make quantitative predictions and inform biological experiments.

Research in the Centre for Mathematical Biology

Find out about the research we undertake in the Centre

Developmental biology

A zebrafish

We develop, analyse and employ mathematical models to better understand developmental processes.

Microbial evolution and genomics

Computer graphic showing red blood cells in the body

We apply bioinformatics to very large sequence datasets to understand microbial diversification, adaptation and the emergence and spread of new microbes.

DNA topology

Computer mock up of a DNA strand

We use methods from pure mathematics to study how knots and tangles form in strands of DNA.

People in the Centre for Mathematical Biology

Find out about our staff and PhD students.


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About us

The Centre was set up in 1994 to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians, biologists and other scientists at the University of Bath and beyond. Its membership includes about twenty academic staff, their postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students.