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Future of Work (FOW) research centre

We are a group of researchers exploring how work is changing, and will continue to change, with new technologies, attitudes and ways of working.

Research and publications

We use new forms of data analysis to explore how the future of jobs will unfold. Read about our research themes and publications.

Who we are

FOW is made up of faculty members and PhD students from the School of Management, as well as visiting professors.

Commentary and insights

Research, analysis and news

Hunting for leadership

A group of people in silhouette against a sunset, following a leader down a hill

Nancy Harding reflects on the ongoing scholarly attempts to develop a definitive theory of leadership.

Impact and engagement

Find out about our work with practitioners and policy-makers, and how we're influencing the world around us

Collaboration and opportunities

Find out about doing a PhD with us.


Lectures, seminars and conferences hosted by Future of Work

About us

The unstoppable growth of globalisation, the virtualisation of organisations, the platforms they operate on, and the changing values of workers: a new world is being created around us.

The Future of Work research centre examines how work is changing, and will change, in response to these trends. We conduct original research into work trends and dynamics and collaborate with academics and practitioners to unpick what work and workers will look like in the future.

Contact us

Contact us for more information or to discuss studying or collaborating with us.