Milner Centre for Evolution

We are a unique, cross-faculty research centre bridging biology, health and education.

Opening of the Milner Centre

The centre formally opens on 21st September 2018.

Inaugural conference

We held our inaugural conference to mark the opening of the centre in September.

Evolution in the 21st Century


We're marking the opening of our new dedicated facility with a conference bringing together world leaders from across the field of evolution.

Our research

We aim to answer fundamental questions about evolution through our innovative and high-quality research. The quality of our research is reflected by publications in top international journals.

Our people

We aim to recruit leading biologists as well as train and mentor postgraduates, post-doctorates and undergraduates to go on and become researchers, teachers, and innovators.

Outreach activities

Find out how we're educating the public and inspiring students of all ages with our outreach activities.

Building work

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the construction of our new building.

About us

The Milner Centre has three core objectives: to carry out internationally leading research into fundamental problems in evolution, to train the next generation of evolutionary biologists, and to promote the application and public understanding of evolution.

We are based in a multi-million-pound centre on campus, opening in 2018.

Contact us

Ask us about our activities and keep up-to-date through social media.