Department of Biology & Biochemistry research

We are one of the leading research-intensive biosciences departments in the UK

Research themes

We carry out research on animals, plants and microorganisms across a broad range of areas from cell and developmental biology, structural and molecular biology to evolutionary biology and biodiversity.

Cell and developmental biology

Addresses fundamental questions relevant to human health, ageing and their application to improving public health and for food security.

Evolution and biodiversity

Covers a broad span of issues, from understanding bacterial epidemics over real time to understanding broad-scale ecological and conservation related processes.

Infection and immunity

Addresses questions related to the origins and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, disease epidemiology and evolution.

Research centres

Our staff work across a range of interdisciplinary research centres.

Research excellence

The results of the Research Evaluation Framework (REF) 2014 confirm the excellence of the research undertaken in the Department.

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Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Specialisms in the department include cell & developmental biology, biotechnology, infection & immunity and evolutionary biology & biodiversity.

The outstanding quality of our research is reflected in the level of external funding from UK Research Councils, medical charities, European Union and industry, as well as publications in top international journals (Nature, Science, PNAS and PLoS Biology).