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We research how quantum mechanical and thermodynamic properties of molecules, nanostructures, multilayers and glassy materials can be modified.

Our research

Research areas within the Nanoscience Group in Physics at Bath.

Scanning probe microscopy

The reconstructed silicon surface at atomic resolution

Scanning probe microscopy can image surfaces with atomic resolution, can manipulate atoms and molecules on them, and can reveal their electronic states.

Biomedical nanoscience

Graphene-based non-invasive blood glucose monitor

Nanoscience has many biomedical applications; we are working on new pacemaker concepts, wearable glucose monitors, and new forms of drug delivery.

Quantum devices

Nanofabricated electrical contacts

We make, investigate and model electronic devices at length scales small enough that their behaviour is quantum in nature, leading to new device concepts.

Who we are

Find out more about us and join us at one of our seminars.

Nanoscience group members

We are a team of academics and research students in the Department of Physics who work on research projects related to nanoscience.

Facilities and collaborations

The Nanoscience group is part of a larger community working on Nanoscience at the University of Bath and more widely, and the group uses or maintains shared research facilities.

Nanoscience experimental facilities

Heidelberg uPG101 direct laser writer

At Bath, we have extensive nanofabrication and characterisation facilities; group members also use neutron sources and synchrotrons for high energy photons.

News & announcements

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Join us as a PhD student or a research fellow

There are opportunities for postgraduate research throughout our group. Interested students can either contact academic staff directly or see our projects on

Physics PhD projects on

PhD student in the lab

We offer projects over a broad spectrum of subject areas. Projects are available as part of Centres for Doctoral Training as well as on an individual basis.

About us

The Nanoscience group carries out research in diverse fields and in collaboration with many other groups across the world.

Our research is supported by shared use of advanced instrumentation and shared access to the Bath Nanofabrication Facility and other facilities such as the Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility.