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Department of Physics research

We have a thriving research programme, encompassing physics on the smallest nanoscales to the most energetic processes in the Universe.

Research groups

Our research covers a wide spectrum of activities, from fundamental physics to technological applications.


Section of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field snapshot showing thousands of galaxies with various ages, sizes, shapes, and colours. Credit: NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team.

We study exploding stars, growing galaxies and feeding black holes in an expanding Universe.



We research how quantum mechanical and thermodynamic properties of molecules, nanostructures, multilayers and glassy materials can be modified.

Research centres

We are involved in a number of cross-disciplinary research centres.

Join us

Find out how to join us as a PhD student or research fellow.

Physics PhD projects on

PhD student in the lab

We offer projects over a broad spectrum of subject areas. Projects are available as part of Centres for Doctoral Training as well as on an individual basis.

Research excellence

The results of the Research Evaluation Framework (REF) 2014 confirm the excellence of the research undertaken in the Department.

Our facilities

Find out what facilities we've got and how to access them.

Department of Physics

Find out more about our department including our courses and staff.