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Available PhD Projects in the Department of Physics

See available PhD projects in the Department of Physics

How to apply

Select a research programme and choose how you want to study.

Find a supervisor and develop your own project or choose one of our academic-led projects listed below. See further information on the application process and available support from the Doctoral College.

Funded PhD projects

We have a range of projects with funding attached on the FindaPhD website

See our available projects on FindaPhD

Projects with funding attached

The following projects are fully funded PhD projects.

Competitively funded PhD projects

The following projects are fully funded PhD projects, where rectruitment is subject to competition.

See available PhD projects in the Department of Physics

Self-funded PhD Projects

The following PhD projects are available for self-funded students

Supervisors: Prof Ventsislav Valev, Dr Soraya Caixeiro

In this project we will build on initial developments in superconducting spintronics by exploiting recent breakthroughs in the ‘dry stamping’ of van der Waals heterostructure Josephson junctions. Layers of 2D ferromagnet will be integrated into the barrier regions of these structures to generate long range, parallel spin electron pairs, and realise novel types of very low dissipation electronic devices.

Supervisors: Prof Simon Bending, Prof Daniel Wolverson

This project involves ultrashort laser pulses to study nanomaterials of different shape and composition. We aim to build a quantum light source and to discover further new physical effects that will pave the way for nanorobotic and self-assembling meta-materials.

Supervisor: Prof Ventsislav Valev

  • Optical fibres for the Vacuum Ultraviolet

Fancy a challenge? Deep in the ultraviolet (below 190 nm wavelength) glass is not transparent, even air absorbs light strongly and mirrors do not reflect light well – so how can it be possible to make an optical fibre to take light round corners?

Supervisor: Prof. William Wadsworth

Available PhD Funding

There are number of funding schemes available to support your Doctoral studies.