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University of Bath

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

We are responsible for the promotion of equality of opportunity across the University.

We aim to be an inclusive University, where difference is celebrated, respected and encouraged and where equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. As an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, we are responsible to Council and Senate for the promotion of ED&I strategy. We engage with a wide range of equality and diversity issues affecting both staff and students. Our role is to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues, set ED&I priorities for the University and to develop, evaluate and review University policies procedures and action plans relating to equality and diversity.

Committee members

    The term of office for elected and appointed members is three years (renewable). For students it is one year (renewable). Up to three co-opted members are permitted, sought on the basis of their expertise in the area and may include members to the university.

    • Professor Rajani Naidoo, Vice-President (Community & Inclusion), (Chair)
    • Richard Brooks, Director of Human Resources, term of office ex-officio
    • Lizzi Milligan (Co Chair), Equality and Diversity Network, term of office ex-officio
    • Joel Staley (Co Chair), Equality and Diversity Network, term of office ex-officio
    • Alice Ludgate, Director of Student Support and Safeguarding, term of office ex-officio
    • Alexander Robinson, SU President, term of office ex-officio
    • Blake Walker, SU Community Officer, term of office ex-officio
    • Tyben Lozane, member elected by the Students' Union, term of office 2023
    • Sujata McNab, lay member appointed by Council, term of office 2022
    • Ania Zalewska, member appointed by Senate, term of office 2023
    • Vacant, member appointed by the Equality and Diversity Network, term of office 2022
    • Mandy Wilson-Garner, member nominated by the Students' Union, term of office 2023

Elected staff representative

    • Jane White, Education and Research, term of office 2024
    • Liz Simmons, Management, Specialist and Administration, term of office 2024
    • Gareth Eyles, Operational and Facilities Support, 2024
    • Vacancy, term of office 2024

Co-opted member

In attendance