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Personal Tutoring Guidance

Key information and resources to support personal tutors.

Key information

The first stop for all personal tutors. These resources will outline expectations, guidelines and practical advice for personal tutors to help support student success.

Important policies and procedures

Policies and guidelines that all personal tutors need to follow, including Staff-Student Professional Boundaries.

QA33 Personal Tutoring

This Quality Assurance (QA) Code of Practice statement details the principles of the University’s Personal Tutorial System.


Useful additional resources and topic insights for personal tutors, to help develop your skills and make tutorials more effective.

Further resources for personal tutors

Additional internal and external resources to help you succeed in your role as a Personal Tutor. Includes suggestions for videos, web, books and other content.

Support directory

On this page you can find links to the support provided by the University and the SU and also to external support organisations.

Employability Map

Explore the University's Employability Map to help you plan your career journey.

Supporting students or challenging situations

Detailed guidance to assist with particular challenges and circumstances. If in doubt, call the Student Support Staff Advice Line.

Support and Report

We believe that bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination are #NeverOK

Support for Study Plan

Support for Study can be convened by a member of staff if they are concerned that a student’s health, wellbeing or behaviour is impacting their university life.

Where to go for further advice

Next steps for personal tutors seeking additional guidance or development. Contact your Director of Studies, Senior Tutor, or the Student Support Staff Advice Line.

Senior Tutors

Senior Tutors coordinate the Personal Tutor system. They act as a point of communication between academic departments and central student support services.

Staff learning and development

Training and support to help you get started in a new role, develop your career, use University systems, manage people, and stay safe at work.

Contact us

If in doubt call the Student Support Staff Advice Line