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Winners of University Awards and Prizes 2012

Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award awarded to:

Dr Peter Lambert

Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

This Award is for excellence in leadership of learning and teaching at the University.


The University recognised and praised Dr Lambert's role, both within his own Department but, more widely, within the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. Dr Lambert's leadership skills were acknowledged by the Dean of his Faculty as being both inspirational in leading Faculty-wide policy developments and improvements, as well as pioneering a range of initiatives to improve learning and teaching. Dr Lambert's work to support departments to enhance the student learning experience focused on all areas of learning and teaching from unit design, to assessment and feedback and student communications. As a result, many of the departments in his Faculty have since enjoyed spectacular NSS results.The Dean's support was further strengthened by other colleagues who described Dr Lambert's leadership capability as 'transformative' in changing attitudes towards learning and teaching achieved through leading by example. Dr Lambert was also recognised for his own excellence in teaching utilising highly engaging and interactive methods within his own lectures, which further reinforced the University's view that Dr Lambert was very deserving of this year's Award.

Past winners of the Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award

John Willis Award awarded to:

Dr Jason Hart

Department of Social & Policy Sciences

This Award is made to an academic who has demonstrated dedication to the academic and personal lives of students combined with accomplishment in research.


Dr Jason Hart was selected by the University for this Award for his acknowledged commitment and care in all aspects of his role as a teacher, researcher and, also pastoral support for students. Dr Hart's colleagues and students recognised his creativity and inspiration as well as the significant role he plays in research and the research community of his department, Social & Policy Sciences. Dr Hart's work was described as 'rigorous, scholarly, analytically uncompromising, and always made relevant to policy and practice.' His ability to understand and support the needs of PhD students was noted by colleagues and borne out in supporting statements from students themselves. With a particular focus on the issue of child protection, Dr Hart's research in this area has through wide dissemination led to UK government policy changes in the area of protecting Palestinian children in the occupied Palestinian territory. It was noted that Dr Hart's research is of international significance and in one of the most difficult and sensitive fields. Furthermore, Dr Hart is currently Director of Studies for three of the department's Masters programmes. Graduating students and external examiners both offered praise for the level of care given to these programmes by Dr Hart.

Past winners of the John Willis Award

Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award
jointly awarded to:

Mr Paul Caulfield

School of Management

This Award is made in recognition of a significant contribution to innovation in curriculum design, content or delivery.


The University recognised Dr Caulfield's innovative approach to learning and teaching with specific reference to his contribution in curriculum design, content and delivery for the MSc Advanced Management Practice Unit. Through the introduction of a number of innovative learning activities including the SMS Business Game, where students work in teams representing different companies to learn about different business issues and challenges, and the design of a prototype technological product by a mix of science and management students, Dr Caulfield's passionate and enthusiastic approach was evident in his nomination. The University felt this Award was well deserved.

Dr Kelly Teamey

Department of Education


The University praised Dr Teamey's creative and innovative approaches to the delivery of her teaching. Acknowledged for her highly engaging and interactive teaching techniques, Dr Teamey's success was evidenced in both her students' grades and evaluations. Feedback from Dr Teamey's students highlighted the range of creative and novel methods she uses. Particular praise was given for Dr Teamey's use of Lego building exercises to encourage students to build their 'ideal' school, explain to their peers what their models represented and how these related to international development and pedagogical theories and practices. The University felt this Award was well deserved.

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Mary Tasker Award awarded to:

Dr Mary Mahon

Department of Chemistry

This Award is for excellence in teaching at the University.


Dr Mahon was selected by the University for this Award for her obvious passion and commitment to learning and teaching, evidenced by the significant levels of student support and feedback for her nomination. Students acknowledged Dr Mahon's passion for her subject, commenting at great length on her inspirational and charismatic approaches to teaching in addition to the time and care she devotes to supporting the student learning process, both through lectures and tutorials. Dr Mahon's colleagues also commented on her dedication, inspiration and pastoral support together with her ability to embrace and adopt many new approaches to teaching including the use of technologies such as the virtual learning environment. One of Dr Mahon's introductory lectures on Chemical Structures and Crystallography is being used by the Department as a sample lecture on UCAS days to attract potential undergraduates. With Dr Mahon's impressive track record as a dedicated and inspirational teacher, the University felt this Award to be highly deserved.

Past winners of the Mary Tasker Award