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Audio Visual equipment is available to facilitate all University activities including:

Use of Audio visual equipment is free of charge to University of Bath staff, researchers or registered University of Bath students. Events where attendees do not fall into those categories may be chargeable. For further details see Charges

If you need advice on purchasing equipment see the Purchasing Advice section.

General teaching rooms

Please note Over Head Projectors are now a bookable resource and not readily available in General Teaching Rooms.

All GTA rooms are equipped with at least; a networked PC, connection for a laptop, a Data/Video projector, an amplifier and speakers and a control system.

This equipment is freely available on a self-access basis during teaching periods (All Semester weeks, Monday-Friday between 08.15 and 19.05).

Outside of these dates and times and for equipment in addition to that installed in the rooms you are advised to book the equipment using the online booking form

The A.V. unit monitors all General Teaching Rooms and is responsible for their upkeep and refurbishment in conjunction with the GTA working party.

Please report any problems or faults using the blue forms which are to be found in all GT rooms.

Rooms can be booked through Room Bookings. Information regarding room style, capacity and audiovisual capabilities can be found by visiting Room Information on the web, this web site also includes pictures of the rooms.

To see instructions for using the AV in self access rooms please see the Instructions for self access rooms section.

Rooms will be booked from quarter past the hour until five past the following hour. Please ensure these rooms are left in the same condition as they are found. Rooms should be vacated on time, otherwise this can cause disruption to subsequent classes.