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Media production services

The Audio Visual dept has a dedicated facility based in 3 East equipped to produce broadcast quality video and audio materials.

We have a fully equipped TV Studio in addition to equipment and crews for on or off-site productions. We can produce materials in a variety of formats e.g. web delivery, CD or DVD, and can produce high definition content.

We can also provide assistance in any aspect of video or audio production, from conception to delivery, e.g. script development, location advice, voiceover artists, design, DVD Authoring, and duplication of final product.


The TV studio is equipped with multiple cameras, radio microphones, a flexible lighting system and a variety of backgrounds and as such can be used to produce high quality content, run training courses, record live discussions or performances using multiple camera angles easily. Content can be recorded to tape, DVD or published directly to the network to be viewed by computer.

The space is large enough to hold around twenty students and any recorded content can be replayed instantly in the space for review or discussion.

We also have an Autocue for when the subject wants to record content while speaking directly to camera.

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Email: a.v.bookings@bath.ac.uk
Phone: ext. 4298


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