Why did you choose to study Education with Psychology at Bath?

I knew I wanted to study something that would allow me to work with children. The University of Bath was my first choice as it was the only course I applied to which didn't limit me just to teaching. Because of this, the Education with Psychology at Bath was great for me because it provided me with a broad knowledge base regarding children, development, education and psychology, whilst keeping my options for careers open and varied.

Have you completed a placement as a part of your degree?

Actually, I did two placements! They all allowed me to explore a variety of potential future areas of work. I volunteered for the International Citizen Service (ICS) in Nepal. After that, I spent my second placement at a residential care home for disabled children. Throughout the placement year, I was challenged and consequently had to learn to adapt and develop. Perhaps the most obvious things I learnt from my placement were patience, adaptability, confidence and perseverance.

What did you do on your placement in Nepal?

This was a three-month placement in which I lived with a local host family and my Nepali counterpart in a very rural community in Western Nepal. My role was to be an Action Learner, which means I was actively working on educating about the issues the local community were facing.

Throughout my placement, my group and I conducted community awareness events on gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, hygiene and wellbeing, mental health, early marriage and pregnancy, first aid, self-defence, and many others.

The biggest event we ran was a general health check day. For this, we organised doctors and nurses from the local hospital to come to the community and deliver free health checks. We also did non-health oriented sessions on agricultural farming methods, English lessons, and environmental awareness.

What was your role in the residential care home?

I worked as a Residential Child Care Worker at a care home for children with disabilities. The work there was varied from necessary paperwork to domestic tasks, as well as caring for the children. I would facilitate games for them, have meals with them, help them manage their anxieties and behaviours and make them feel safe. This role was hugely rewarding and challenging.

What advice would you give to someone considering doing a placement?

I would highly recommend doing a placement. If you have any uncertainties about what you want to go into in the future, then a placement year is perfect. Doing a placement allows you to explore a range of areas of work before you commit to them. You also get the opportunity to develop skills, gain experience and build up your CV before finishing university.