Department of Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate projects

The benefits

Projects develop a range of skills, including: 

  • Technical
  • Design
  • Team work
  • Financial
  • Problem solving.

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Project and design work is a major part of our degree programmes

You will take part in individual and group design tasks and use dedicated chemical and biochemical engineering laboratories.

Projects can cover subjects such as: 

  • Tissue engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Catalysis
  • Green chemistry
  • Energy research
  • Drug delivery.

How do projects work?

During the second semester of your first year you will take part in a design project, which involves applying the fundamentals of chemical engineering to the design of a chemical process plant. 

In year three MEng students undertake semester-long research projects, while BEng students carry out research and design projects. 

MEng research projects often involve working with our academic staff and research groups and centres. You can also carry out your project at an overseas university.

Product design

For MEng students the second semester of year four is dedicated to two substantial projects: product design and a final design project. 

Product design is a business-orientated task concerned with the design of consumer goods. It includes lectures from industrial speakers and group and individual work.

Recent product design students have developed: 

  • A bioartificial liver device 
  • Anti-ageing cream
  • A self-cooling drinks can.

Final design project

The final design project involves designing a chemical or biochemical process plant. It brings together all four years of study. 

Recent projects have focused on: 

  • Genetically-engineered human protein drugs 
  • Waste treatment processes for nuclear submarines 
  • The production of renewable energy and fuel.