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Taking ideas from bench scale to process scale with chemical engineering projects

Our group and individual projects give you the chance to work on problems relevant to industry and develop your technical, business and design skills.

A student measures the potential of a biofuel cell in a chemical engineering research lab
Students can work on projects as diverse as biofuel cells, anti-ageing creams, self-cooling drinks cans or artificial liver devices.

A degree with a focus on project work

Projects are an important part of all our undergraduate courses. Throughout your degree, you'll apply your knowledge from lectures and lab sessions to solve complex engineering problems.

During the second semester of your first year, you'll take part in a design project. You'll apply the fundamentals of chemical engineering to design a chemical process plant.

If you are studying one of our BEng courses, you'll carry out research and design projects during your third year.

If you study our MEng course you'll work on the research project in your third year. And in your final year, you'll dedicate a whole semester to the product and process design project. This is a business-oriented task covering the design of consumer goods and the chemical or biochemical process plant that produces them. Your project brings together all four years of study and can be developed working with a major engineering company. It includes lectures from industrial speakers as well as group and individual work.

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Explore your interests using our specialist facilities

You could have the opportunity to carry out your research project in one of our research centres. This will give you access to specialist lab equipment and the expertise of PhD students, researchers and academics. We have facilities for advanced separation, biochemical engineering and reaction engineering, containing bespoke equipment.

You could investigate:

  • tissue engineering
  • nanotechnology
  • catalysis
  • green chemistry
  • energy research
  • drug delivery

Read how Luke redesigned a biofuel cell for his research project

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