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Tomographic Iterative GPU-based Reconstruction (TIGRE) toolbox

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The Tomographic Iterative GPU-based Reconstruction toolbox provides fast and accurate 3D X-ray image reconstruction. The technology is a collaborative creation between our Engineering Tomography Lab (ETL) and CERN.

One of its key features is the implementation of a wide variety of iterative algorithms as well as FDK. This includes a range of algorithms in the SART family and the Krylov subspace family. It also covers a range of methods using total variation (TV) regularisation. Additionally, the toolbox has GPU-accelerated projection and back projection using the latest techniques. Its modular design facilitates the implementation of new algorithms.

The toolbox is released under an open source licence to encourage a wider research community to use and contribute. The toolbox uses advanced iterative and regularised reconstruction methods to better reconstruct tomographic images. Its superior imaging is especially applicable in cases where the image is very noisy or has low projections.