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Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering research

We deliver interdisciplinary research in biotechnologies, power, low-carbon energy, computational analysis, nanomaterials, robotics, systems, space, and radio.

Our research centres

Our research activities span the breadth of the latest thinking in electronic and electrical engineering and sciences.

Research expertise

We have expertise in a range of research areas, falling under the broad themes of health, digital, and sustainability, and spanning our research centres.

close up of a pair of tweezers holding a microfluidic processor

Biosensors and bioelectronics

a line of wind turbines and solar panels at sunset

Electrical power and energy

electrical pylons next to an energy storage facility against blue sky

Electrical power conversion

close up of gold nanosensor shooting out laser beams

Nanomaterials and nanoprocessing

prosthetic hand hooked up to a sensor

Robotics, sensing and AI

satellite orbiting the earth

Space, telecommunications and atmospheric research

Our research impact

From improving the accuracy of GPS to digitalising our electricity network, find out about the impact our research is having.


We have a range of facilities available for students, researchers and companies to use.

David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility

Some equipment in the David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility

We provide access and training on specialist equipment for micro-scale and nano-scale fabrication for University of Bath researchers and external organisations.

Join our team

Whether you are starting your research career or looking for a change, we may have the right opportunity for you.

Making amputees 'feel' again

Leen attaches a sensor to a prosthetic hand in an electronic engineering lab.

For her postgraduate research degree, Leen Jabban, is researching sensory feedback for hand and arm prosthetics using non-invasive techniques.