Quality management

Programme approvals

Departments must seek approval for all new taught programmes of study (including research degrees with a taught element), all new units and any changes to their programmes (including withdrawal of a programme) or units.

If you are considering setting up a new programme of study, please contact your Faculty Assistant Registrar at the outset.   You will find full details of the process for the approval of new programmes in QA3.  The process is in two main stages:

  1. initial approval which involves strategic consideration of the academic fit and financial viability of the programme;
  2. full approval which involves close consideration of the arrangements for the delivery of the programme.

Where appropriate, for instance if you are developing a variant on an existing programme, it might be possible to apply a lighter touch process at both stages.  Please contact your Faculty Assistant Registrar for further information.

In developing a new programme you will be expected to provide a range of documentation to support your proposal including:

At the full approval stage you will need to demonstrate that you have consulted widely inside and outside the University, and that your programme meets

Normally, two external reviewers will  be appointed to write a report on the proposed new programme to be submitted to Programmes and Partnerships Approval CommitteeGuidance for the appointment and of external reviewers is available.  

Your submission should also be accompanied by the appropriate completed programme and unit description templates:

Full details are provided in QA3.