Quality management

Programme and unit changes

You must seek approval for any changes you make to a programme or units, including withdrawal of a programme.  The process you need to follow will depend on the impact of the change on the programme. 

There are three categories of programme change:  minor, intermediate and major.  

You can find details of the process for making programme changes in QA4 Amendments to Programmes and Study and Units and Approval of New Units.  Your Faculty Assistant Registrar will be able to provide you with further advice on the category of change and which process to follow.

Changes can normally only be made to programmes at specific times of year.  This is to ensure that the programme catalogue can be updated and that students are not disadvantaged by any changes.

When submitting changes for approval, you will be expected to provide information on the nature of the change and supporting documentation (such as a unit description or programme specification).  You will also normally be expected to consult with your colleagues, students, and your external examiner.

Indicative Taxonomies of Assessment and Delivery Methods

When developing change proposals that affect the assessment or delivery methods for a unit or units, you are encouraged to consult the following indicative taxonomies. These are intended as a resource to help you to describe your assessment and delivery methods.