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Queen's Award

Award conference

Tess Ridge, Susan Duncan, Joe Devine, Jason Hart, Graham Room, Geof Wood, Ian Butler, Alison Marshall, Paul Gregg, Jane Millar and Susan Harkness

View highlights from the Queen's Anniversity Prize conference in March:

We were very pleased to be awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for our ‘Influential research into child poverty and support for vulnerable people’.

We chose to put forward this area of work for a Queen’s Award because it has made a substantial contribution to the development and delivery of social policy, and thus to the wellbeing of families in the UK and many other countries.

Our research is innovative and unusual in linking social policy and international development studies. We work in both rich and poor countries. We provide sound evidence and analysis for policy makers across the political spectrum. We play a key role in informing wider policy debates and our expertise, research reports and advice are widely used by those seeking to influence policy-makers and opinion-formers.

Our impact on policy and practice has improved the quality of life for families and children, not least through our direct involvement with UK government legislation on tax credits and child poverty, as well as our engagement with policies to address extreme poverty in very poor countries.

This film showcases our work on child poverty in the UK and global poverty in children.

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This most prestigious award provides official recognition to all those involved in the research, and to the University as a whole, and is something we can all take great pride in.

— Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell


Case studies

The following four case studies provide examples of our work that led to the award of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. They were chosen to highlight our theoretical and methodological innovations in social policy research and, most importantly, the impact of that research not just in the UK but internationally.

'New poverty' and social exclusion in Europe

We undertook pioneering work on social exclusion and poverty, that provided the foundation for our subsequent research on sustainable livelihoods. Read more »

Lone mothers, work and welfare

Our research has provided new data on the characteristics of lone parents, routes into lone parenthood, employment and child support. Read more »

Wellbeing and sustainability in developing countries

We have forged new approaches to understanding sustainability for very poor families in developing countries, and promoted the idea of wellbeing in international development policy. Read more »

Childhood poverty and social exclusion

Our work has developed and championed the use of a child-centred approach to the analysis of child poverty both nationally and internationally. Read more »