Statutory Bodies and Committees

At the meeting

  1. sit next to (or near) the chair
  2. note who is present, or have a signing-in sheet
  3. take the terms of reference, papers of the previous meeting and a spare set of papers, a notepad and spare pens
  4. ensure the new people are welcomed
  5. ensure the previous minutes are signed
  6. ensure all items are covered and assist the Chair in keeping the meeting to time
  7. write full notes (even though you will not need to include everything in the final minutes) and in particular ensure you record the key points
  8. if it is not clear what was decided, ask the Chair to confirm any decision before moving on; include the date of implementation of any decisions which do not take immediate effect
  9. advise the Chair as required if the Committee is not within its powers
  10. be aware if some members have to leave the room for reserved business items (eg student members).