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Preparing to take part in an examination board

Resources and guidance to help University staff prepare for Boards of Examiners for Units (BEU) or Boards of Examiners for Programmes (BEP).

Boards of Examiners and COVID-19

Additional guidance for staff on arrangements for the Boards of Examiners for Summer 2020 is available on Academic Registry's wiki page.

Key resources

It is important that you should be familiar with:

Additional guidance:

Related information

Guidance sessions

Guidance and context for Chairs of Boards of Examiners is available from Academic Registry in addition to exam board support coordinated by Assistant Registrars (Faculties/School) and the Head of Learning Partnerships.

Contact James Olver to arrange a guidance session from Academic Registry.

SAMIS & Business Objects training

Training sessions are held on how to use SAMIS and Business Objects.

Meetings: Effective committee servicing

Emily Commander, Head of Strategic Governance, offers a general guidance session for staff servicing committees (note: not examination board-specific).


The following induction is strongly advised if you are acting in one of the following roles for the first time, or need a refresher:

Chairs and Directors of Studies:

  • Speak to your Assistant Registrar (Faculties/School) or the Head of Learning Partnerships regarding your training/support needs.

  • Make sure you are familiar with QA35, its appendices, and the examination board resources highlighted on this page.

  • Arrange a session with Academic Registry for background context to the role of examination boards.

  • Make sure you are familiar with the relevant assessment and IMC regulations (see “Key contacts” below if you have specific questions about their application to complex student matters).


Independent Observers:

Key contacts

First point of contact for examination board queries

Assistant Registrars (Faculties/School) or the Head of Learning Partnerships

Additional expertise is available regarding:
Application of QA35, and conduct of examination boards Kate Norris, Assistant Registrar (Academic Standards, Courses & Committees)
Assessment regulations and complex student matters James Arthur, Head of Registry Services
Amy Cavanagh, Assistant Registrar (Student Records)
Application of QA12, and external examiners Kate Norris, Assistant Registrar (Academic Standards, Courses & Committees)


If you have any questions, please contact us.