Statutory Bodies and Committees

Publishing reports and minutes

  1. Once Committee minutes have been agreed by the Chair, they can be circulated to members of the Committee. ‘Reserved area business’ minutes should be printed on pink paper, the rest on white.
  2. Minutes of certain Committees (open section only) are published more widely under the University’s Publication Scheme
  3. Do not publish sections of minutes headed FoIA Restricted or Reserved area business. Reserved area minutes are only for members of the Committee, except student members who do not receive these. ‘FoIA Restricted’ covers information which the University considers exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, although if a request were made for disclosure this would need to be considered. Do not publish on the web any minutes for Committees for which all business is Reserved area business.
  4. Minutes from the last three years should be available on the web.

Retention of committee papers

  • Guidance on timescales for retention of papers can be found at:
  • Some key committee documents are held centrally in the University Archive. Contact the Records Manager & Archivist, Lizzie Richmond, for further information,