Statutory Bodies and Committees

Role of the committee secretary

The Committee Secretary is responsible for servicing a formal Committee and

  1. Ensuring the meetings are effectively organised.
  2. Ensuring the effective flow of business between Committees.
  3. Providing information and data, or obtaining it from others.
  4. Ensuring actions are assigned by the Committee to appropriate individuals.
  5. Upholding the requirements of governing documents; advising the Chair.
  6. Recording information, preparing and maintaining accurate records and minutes.

A Committee Secretary is not:

  • a passive recipient and dispatcher of papers
  • passive if a Committee acts either beneath or above its powers; misinterprets regulation or policy; or circumvents proper decision-making powers
  • just a record-keeper.

There is a subsidiary role sometimes referred to as 'minute secretary' which has less responsibility and involves taking note at the meeting, drafting the minutes and getting them agreed, without the overall responsibility for the whole Committee function.