Statutory Bodies and Committees

Sending out papers

  1. papers should be sent out a week in advance of the meeting, or at least three days in advance as a minimum
  2. it is not good practice to allow papers to be tabled at the meeting and this should only be done in unavoidable circumstances and with the approval of the Chair; Committee members will not have had time to read the report and this leads to poor decision-making
  3. print reserved area reports on pink paper
  4. papers are normally sent out in hard copy for central Committees.  If a suggestion is made for electronic circulation of papers, consider the following:
  • accessibility - has everyone got access to a laptop/iPad
  • how would electronic version be kept secure, if necessary
  • hard copies will still be necessary for the Chair and Secretary and for archiving
  • members may still print off papers for themselves separately on laser-printers and this may cost the University more overall in printing and staff time than central photocopying.