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Suggestions & feedback

If you have a suggestion for us, or a bright idea to pass on, we'd be glad to hear from you; general feedback on what we do is also very helpful. Hearing we've got something right is just as useful to us as hearing about something you think could be improved, so please let us know either way. (If you need help with SAMIS, please see Seeking help below.)

Why not send us a brief note, to sreo@bath.ac.uk

It may help us to know how to deal with your idea or feedback if you can tell us who you are, and whether you're a student or a member of staff. Thank you.

Seeking help

Please don't use this page and its e-mail address to seek help about SREO procedures or using SAMIS (the Student & Applicant Management Information System). If you need help in this way, please use the help link at: http://www.bath.ac.uk/samis/info-help.htm#support